*GOLDEN RULE* How do I transcribe filler words in Verbatim files?

A filler word/phrase is something that a speaker says to bulk out their speech or to buy time while they think about what they’re saying. They don’t add anything to the meaning of the sentence, so if you removed them completely the sentence still makes perfect sense.

In Verbatim files, we want to make the file a little easier to read but don’t want to completely lose the flavour of their speech, so we keep some in but not all. Filler words that are used too liberally (more than once in the same sentence) don't add anything to the transcript and can make sentences clunky and difficult to read. To avoid this, we ask that you leave a maximum of one instance per sentence, between commas, as shown below:

They say: I like it because, you know, it seems to speak to me, sort of, in a funny sort of way, you know, like the previous advert.
You type: I like it because it seems to speak to me in a funny sort of way, you know, like the previous advert.


When is a filler word not a filler word? The above words can be legitimately used in their own right, in which case should never be omitted or put between commas e.g. ‘that kind of thing’, ‘I know you know this already’, ‘What do you like about it?’ and so on.